Your Needs. Your Goals. Always In Sight.

What do you expect from a professional working relationship? How important is it for your CPA to understand the way you do business­ and the reasons why? H­ow critical is access to your accountant when you have a question, a concern or an issue?

A relationship with Jones & Kirkpatrick is based on defining, then meeting and exceeding your expectations. We get to know you well enough to understand your personal style — whether it’s aggressive and entrepreneurial or quiet and conservative — and serve you accordingly.

At Jones & Kirkpatrick, we offer a proactive, hands-on commitment to your success; one that’s led us to consciously control our growth over the years. Our commitment to your success is why our partners maintain a high degree of involvement in all our clients’ needs, and it’s why our younger professionals enjoy more autonomy than they’d find at larger firms; because experience has taught us that more personal responsibility motivates stronger performance — and produces better value for your investment in our services.

If it’s your ambition to grow, we have the vision and experience to help you think bigger. If you’re more concerned with protecting the assets you already have, we have the technical expertise to ensure that your position is sound. Whatever your needs and goals, it’s all about you. And at Jones & Kirkpatrick, you’re always in sight.